Bike With Kids Parade - June 23, 2022

This summer, the Roxbury Way Initiative organized and hosted the event Bike with Kids Parade that captured the essence of what this effort is all about.


Children were provided access to bikes, fitted bike helmets, and a bike safety instructor shared quick tips for safe riding on the streets. Children and adults alike had a fun experience learning to ride safely on bicycles that we loaned them, they got to keep their free helmets, thanks to our partnership with Boston Children’s Hospital. Bike and pedestrian safety tips were provided by Massachusetts General Brigham.


This event took place outside of the Boston Public Library Roxbury branch, which is fully supporting our efforts.

As a community-led, community-driven process, the success of the Roxbury Way Initiative will also require the support of our elected officials, school and library systems, civic, cultural, and health institutions, among others to create equitable access to traffic-free pathways, bike safety instruction, and access to bikes in schools, libraries, and youth programs. Biking is fun and a proactive approach that aims to promote and enhance the health, education, the quality of life, and happiness of children and adults of all ages. Collectively we can fast-track and fully-fund jobs for certified bike safety instructors, a Share-A-Bike fleet for children and young adults, pop up projects for safe routes in Roxbury.