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Since 2017 we have been:

  • Building coalitions with advocates and community groups in the area

  • Working with public agencies on a project-by-project basis

  • Building awareness about issues related to walking and bicycling in Roxbury by organizing rides and walks


The Roxbury Way Initiative is a community-led, community-driven design and planning process. The success of the Roxbury Way Initiative will also require the support and generosity of philanthropists and charitable funding organizations as well as the support of our elected officials, schools, library systems, civic, cultural, and health institutions, and universities. We need your help to mobilize charitable funding from philanthropic individuals and organizations that you know or work with.  We can fast-track and fully -fund bike-in-school programs that provide helmets, access to bikes children can share, and bike safety instruction during Physical Education classes and at after-school programs at youth-focus organizations in Roxbury. 

100% of sponsors' dollars go to training and paying bike safety instructors, purchasing refurbishing, and repairing used bikes, and storage containers. We envision donating 30 balance bikes for K-1 grade students, and 30-60 bikes to 2-8 grade students attending school in Roxbury and training and hiring parents who live in Roxbury to provide bike safety instruction. Children who complete the Learn to Bike and live within biking distance from a Roxbury School will be able to borrow a bike and ride to and from home, youth-focus organizations, and the Roxbury community.  During the school day, these Share-A-Bike will benefit over 6,000 students. When students demonstrate they can ride a bike confidently, follow the rules of the road, and pass a road test they will receive a license to ride the Roxbury Way bikes in Roxbury and surrounding communities.


Please join our growing list of philanthropists and sponsors. Seize the moment and give now. Thank you!


CALL: 857-337-8429

FACEBOOK: Coming Soon



We need our partners to thrive, and in return, you get:

  • Your logo featured on our 'home' and 'support' pages, linked to your websites to drive traffic. 

  • Your events can be added to our website 'events' page.

  • A shoutout from members of our team every time we make a presentation on Roxbury Way. 

  • Potential to be featured on our printed materials for future events. (For example - banners, posters, and flyers)


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