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Roxbury Way will create a safe connection for people of all abilities to travel to their schools, places of worship and work between Franklin Park and the Fens.  Franklin Park and Emerald Necklace in the Fens, two iconic destinations in the city of Boston, are a mere 3 miles away with no safe way to travel between them besides driving. It acts as a real barrier for people traveling between not only the iconic parks but the neighborhoods that surround them. Streets and intersections in Dorchester and Roxbury are dangerous, unfit, and unsafe for people on foot and bicycles especially families with children.




We are advocating for Roxbury Way to become a reality in the City of Boston by 2021.

  • Building coalitions with advocates and community groups in the area

  • Working with public agencies on a project by project basis

  • Building awareness about issues related to walking and bicycling in the area by organizing rides and walks


An epic 300 miles - 5 days, 60 miles a day - a bike ride from New York to Washington DC launched an ongoing feasibility study and community engagement campaign. We have been interviewing members of the community, gathering information and working diligently to align our mission with that of the people.

In June 2016, six remarkable young people from the Boy and Girls Club in Roxbury: Joey, Treyvaughn, Tavadre, Skye, Gigi, and Kaya told us the challenges faced by bike riders and pedestrians in their neighborhood. While all capable riders, they desire (and deserve) a protected bikeway in Roxbury. 


This initiative was born of the young people's desires and our commitment to make their vision a reality in the City of Boston. 


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