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The Roxbury Way needs all the help it can get from members of the community who believe in improving mobility for all people along the route (see map). When completed, Roxbury Way will connect people of all abilities to recreational and employment opportunities in a safe and convenient way in Roxbury and the surrounding neighborhoods.

The three pillars of this partnership are:



SUPPORT - each other's mission and vision

PROMOTE - each other's message as well as events and other organized gatherings

PARTICIPATE - in meetings, rides and walks on each other's behalf and speak for the community


Join our growing list of community partners and get started today!


CALL: 857-337-8429

FACEBOOK: Coming Soon



We need our partners to thrive, and in return, you get:

  • Your logo featured on our 'home' and 'support' pages, linked to your websites to drive traffic. 

  • Your events can be added to our website 'events' page.

  • A shoutout from members of our team every time we make a presentation on Roxbury Way. 

  • Potential to be featured on our printed materials for future events. (For example - banners, posters, and flyers)


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