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Experience the peace of mind and satisfaction

That comes with getting the supplies you need at fair prices, delivered

quickly, without paying for them upfront.

Reliable Supply Chain

We are wholesale brokers that have assembled a supply chain of manufactures and distributors of medical products such as KN95 respirators (masks), surgical masks, gloves, protective suits and the full array of PPE, as well as ventilators and other needed equipment. Online Store for individual and 

Long Term Relationships

Medical Suppliers, LLC  work, advocate for buyers and facilitate communication between buyers and manufacturers and distributors. 

Mitigate Financial Risk

No payment is ever required upfront—you only pay when your products are inspected, verified and delivered.

Better Volume Pricing

We do substantial business with the factories in its supply chain. We obtain better pricing and reliable delivery even in this time of difficult procurement. Combined with modest markup, prices should be at or below any other source.

Regulatory Compliance

All medical products in our supply chain are approved by the U.S. FDA and/or other regulatory bodies and fully comply with the requirements for use in the countries where they are to be sold.

Full Warranties

We will obtain warranties from the manufacturers for all medical products distributed through our supply chain. 

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